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Re: comment-therizinosaurs

Brian Hathaway <hammeris1@att.net> wrote:

> "Therizinosaurs also had long forelimbs, and were most likely herbivores" -- I
> thought this was a foregone slam-dunk?  With their funky legs they'd have had 
> a
> hard time running down or ambushing prey, wouldn't they? They have a weird
> "look" to be scavengers, too.

Yes, I'd go along with that.  But the long, formidable, scythe-like
claws that give this group its name look out of place in a herbivore.
It could be that the forelimbs were used only for defense - such as
against approaching carnivores.  This would make sense because, as you
say, therizinosaurs would have a hard time running.  It could also be
that the forelimbs were used in predation or scavenging, possibly in
an opportunistic manner.  These critters are truly fascinating.