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RE: Kraken vs. Ichthyosaurs

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> Subject: Kraken vs. Ichthyosaurs
>  This story has been making the news rounds today:
> http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2011/10/the-giant-prehistoric-squid-that-ate-common-sense/#more-80848
> Is it for real or is it a joke?
Sad to say, it seems to be honest

It is about as non-parsimonious and non-consilient an explanation as invoking 
ancient astronauts.

What is exceptionally sad is that in the numerous media reports they don't seem 
to be seeking an outside expert for common. That is
standard practice in most news reports on paleo matters (as one of the news 
media's "go to guys" for dinosaur science, I can confirm
that!) In this one, they are just taking his word for it.

It is this kind of "science" and this kind of reportage that keeps paleontology 
from being considered "real science" by a lot of
other scientists. The abstract and the news media's attention to it does our 
profession a great disservice.

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