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100 MA North America

I am looking for paleogeographic map[s] or reference articles of North America as it looked 100 MA [late Albain-early Cenomanian]. Especially interested in the position of the coast-line along the western margins of Appalachia [eastern North America]. Any references to noted features such as paleo-river channels, deltas, offshore barrier islands, near shore topographic highs/cliffs, tidal flats/brackish estuaries, etc.

At this time in North America's paleo-history the epicontinental seaway was entering its transgressive phase [Muddy-Mowry Sea; late Albian --> Greenhorn Seaway; early Cenomanian] and the connection of western and eastern North America was lost. Appalachia and its dinosaur-fauna would be isolated for at least until the earliest Maastrichtian.