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Complete juvenile theropod unveiled in Germany

Of note:

News sources in Germany have announced the find of a 98 percent complete 
skeleton of juvenile theropod (not yet described or named),
with skin and protofeathers preserved. The team making the announcement is 
headed by Oliver Rauhut from the Bavarian State Museum
for Paleontology and Geology (Bayerischen Staatssammlung für Paläontologie und 

The juvenile dinosaur is 72 cm long, found near Kelheim, Germany, and 135 
million years old (Early Cretaceous). It will be presented
in public on Oct. 27 at a mineral show in the Munich.

The exact location where the fossil was found  and the name of the owner of the 
fossil are not being revealed (for now at least).
The fossil was registered as an item of German culture heritage so it cannot 
leave the country. The fossil will be given a
scientific name and description, and may be loaned to a museum

A good photo of specimen can be seen at:

Links to news stories (in German)


I am familiar with a previous draft of a paper on this magnificent little 
animal, but I note aspects in the press release that have
changed since then. A cool new beastie.

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