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Re: tiny-armed theropods

Mike Taylor <mike@indexdata.com> wrote:

> True enough.  In point of fact there seems to be NO code that governs
> the non-PN use of name such as Therizinosauria.  Still, tradition
> treats them AS THOUGH they were governed by the ICZN.

Therizinosauroidea and Therizinosauridae are subject to the ICZN Code,
whereas Therizinosauria is not.  So the de facto priority that
Therizinosauria has over Segnosauria is a consequence of the fact that
Therizinosauridae has de jure priority over Segnosauridae, courtesy of
the Code.  Confused?  Stand in line.

Personally, I don't think the ICZN should be in the business of
governing family-level taxa.  Sticking simply with genera and species
should keep the ICZN busy enough.  It's patently absurd that strict
application of the Code would mean that Deinodontidae has priority
over Tyrannosauridae, and Atlantosauridae has priority over