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RE: Complete juvenile theropod unveiled in Germany

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> Despite seeing the reference to filamentous integument, I did 
> not see any signs of it (or any integument) in the photos.

The alledged protofeathers (keep in mind this isn't Jehol-type volcaniclastics, 
so they are much less clear or certain than those in
the Yixian or Jiufotang) are on the tail: check out the high res version of the 
photo I linked to yesterday, and look at the
posterior end of the tail and the large prepped area immediately above the 
pelvis and anterior part of the tail.

> I 
> wonder how well supported the basal megalosaur position will 
> wind up being, especially given that this is a juvenile.

The demonstration is in the various character support, so that must await the 

That said, it seems pretty clear that some of the "basal coelurosaur" features 
of old are just juvenile tetanurine (or theropod)
features. So here is a puzzler for you out there:

What WOULD you expect a hatchling allosauroid or megalosauroid to look like?

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