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Podokesauridae (RE: tiny-armed theropods)

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> It's worth remembering that our current "stable" names became 
> that way after unseating previously stable names, sometimes a 
> matter of a decade or two ago (anybody remember 
> Podokesauridae, which was supplanted by Coelophysidae in the 
> early 1990s for no discernible reason)?

Given that I and Greg Paul and a few others are largely responsible for that, 
here is the reason:

What positive evidence is there that Podokesaurus is in any way, shape, or form 
more closely related to Coelophysis & company than
to (for example) tetanurines? Or basal to neotheropods?

The characters originally used to unite Podokesaurus, Coelophysis, "Syntarsus" 
& friends was: little theropod that lived before the
Middle Jurassic. Not really a strong case for monophyly there...

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