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RE: two weird questions ...

closest I can come is the "Rite of Spring" suite in Fantasia.  It seems to me 
that Mussorgsky or Ravel some one at the turn of the 20th wrote something about 
prehistoric life.   Jane
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Subject: two weird questions ...

1. To anyone's knowledge, has any modern 'serious' composer written a
composition on dino's/paleo-world in general?  Something like a Dinosaur Suite
in D, Op.20 ("in D" - get it?  yuk yuk yuk) ....

2. While it would be great if some super-rich kid would enter the field, is
there anyone around today that even slightly resemble the JP-Lost Word character
Richard Levine in paleontology?  At least to the point that they could fund
their own research to a degree?

That new German thero makes for great desktop wallpaper.