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Re: two weird questions ...

A Dinosaur Music Suite I listen to, often is the one from the 4 part PBS Documentary series:

THE DINOSAURS soundtrack is from a 4-part PBS documentary series.

Peter Melnick has created music for nearly a dozen motion pictures. Here he composed and arranged the music for Dinosaurs, a four-part series created for public television investigating 200 years of dinosaur research. Melnick, performing on keyboards, imaginatively offers a musical interpretation of the Mesozoic world: its lush, endlessly green beauty, its perilous foreboding and its megalithic environment. The Dinosaurs includes no narration, yet the music tells a story of its own. ~ MusD

Instrumental score written by Peter Melnick.

Recorded at Kingsound and Track Record, Inc., North Hollywood, California, and Mad Hatter, Hollywood, California.

Personnel: Peter Melnick (acoustic guitar, piano, synthesizer); George Doering (guitar, electric guitar); John Yoakum (flute, alto flute, clarinet, oboe, English horn, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone); Bruce Martin (pipe, didjeridu); Dave Stone (fretless bass); Brad Dutz (percussion).

Complete listing of pieces from the souindtrack: My favorite being "Dinosaur Ghosts"

Dinosaur Ghosts , Winged Transformations , Sauropod Shuffle , Daniel and the Dinosaur , Leatherback Turtle , From Maastricht To Paris , Dollo's Hadrosaurs , Age of Reptiles , Migration , Flying Things , Maurasse , Sound Shadows