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Re: T.rex needs a diet!

To those interested, those of us involved in all of the SUE scanning have a 
poster on Wednesday at SVP. Come on by.


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>Subject: Re: T.rex needs a diet!
>I'm a bit at a loss wrt people's surprise! Allen et al. 2009 showed
>way more muscular tails etc. than often assumed, Person & Currie 2010
>showed the same, my Plateo models is also quite a bit heavier than
>many calculations before (Henderson 2006?). Phil Manning keeps telling
>people about the wide-assed hadrosaurs..... no wonder Rexy is more
>massiv, too!
>And you don't need a LIDAR scanner for this, a friendly hospital
>doctor with a CT and a few days of dismounting, transporting and
>re-mounting will do ;)
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>>> Given enough time it will pass Spino !
>> Not likely! One (generally unstated) outcome of this analysis is that a LOT 
>> of dino masses would have to be increased, but we don't
>> have the specimens (and the LIDAR scans...) to get the analyses done yet.
>>> Has there been any recent scrap of evidence that any sauropod
>>> survived in N.A.
>>> during Rexy's existence?
>>> That would be so thrilling to find its puncture marks on a
>>> titano-guy.
>>>  -Brian
>> Alamosaurus: 
>> http://saurian.blogspot.com/2011/10/alamosaurus-and-naashoibito.html
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