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Re: Kraeken on NPR science Friday

I heard it and it was ridiculous --- it will certainly not enhance the image of paleontology with the public. What a media hog. He's done a fair amount of work of Ediacaran fossils, which might account for his ability to see things that aren't there.

Does anyone know 1) how deep the water is when these ichthyosaurs came to rest on the ocean floor, and 2) the acuity of the octopus visual system, i.e. was the water depth deep enough it was unlikely the octopus could see well enough to even see to arrange the bones? It is equally likely that Triassic benthic bower birds arranged the bones.


On 10/14/2011 1:43 PM, Brian Hathaway wrote:
How is Ira Flatow going to keep a straight face thru this?
I'm listening to NPR on RealAudio right now - I hope some of you guys get thru
on the radio.

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