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Re: Kraeken on NPR science Friday

McK did invoke vampire squids in his interview. He also suggested it could be a giant squid, which in contrast with what the octopus researchers say in your link below. But hey, why let data get in the way?


On 10/14/2011 2:27 PM, Mike Keesey wrote:
On Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 1:05 PM, Dan Chure<danchure@easilink.com>  wrote:
Does anyone know 1) how deep the water is when these ichthyosaurs came to
rest on the ocean floor, and 2) the acuity of the octopus visual system,
i.e. was the water depth deep enough it was unlikely the octopus could see
well enough to even see to arrange the bones?  It is equally likely that
Triassic benthic bower birds arranged the bones.
Like bower birds, octopuses didn't exist in the Triassic (although
they get a little closer, originating in the Jurassic). There were
stem-octopods, but to use the EPB for those we'd have to look at
vampire squids as well.

If you're interested in what cephalopod experts have to say, here's an
interview with two: