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Re: Dinos and Mythology

I think this relates to fear and reverence to snakes, and perhaps with
exploring other states of conscience and its relationship to the
mentioned fears.
Although bears and large cats are fearsome also, they may have some
elements of similarity to domestic carnivores as dogs, which may
permit humans to be more familiar with them (I do not know actually).

>> On Behalf Of David Krentz
>>   There are many creatures throughout the various traditions
>> of mythology that are 'reptilian' in nature.  Dragons,
>> Basilisks, Wyverns , Tarasques, Ki-rin, etc. Also, various
>> sea creatures like Leviathan and Jormungandr etc also seems
>> to be built on the reptilian model.  I know there have been
>> some attempts to link mythological creatures to fossil
>> evidence -like the Griffon and Cyclops- but is it entirely
>> reasonable to assume that some of these creatures were
>> 'inspired' by dinosaur bones?  One can only imagine what an
>> ancient chinese farmer would think of a giant sauropod neck
>> within close proximity of a theropod skull.