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Re: Dinos and Mythology

David Krentz <ddkrentz@charter.net> wrote:

>  There are many creatures throughout the various traditions of mythology that 
> are 'reptilian' in nature.  Dragons, Basilisks, Wyverns ,
> Tarasques, Ki-rin, etc. Also, various sea creatures like Leviathan and 
> Jormungandr etc also seems to be built on the reptilian model.  I
> know there have been some attempts to link mythological creatures to fossil 
> evidence -like the Griffon and Cyclops- but is it entirely
> reasonable to assume that some of these creatures were 'inspired' by dinosaur 
> bones?  One can only imagine what an ancient chinese
> farmer would think of a giant sauropod neck within close proximity of a 
> theropod skull.

The sea monster ('ketos') of Greek mythology bears an astonishing
resemblance to a fossil skull...