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Re: Dinosauria: Original Definition VS Clade Conversion (WAS: Re: tiny-armed theropods)

On Sat, October 22, 2011 5:17 am, Mike Taylor wrote:

> The best place for answering such questions is TaxonSearch at
>         http://www.taxonsearch.org/dev/taxon_search.php
> It's not taken very seriously because *every* *single* phylogenetic
> definition is replaced by a new one of Sereno 2005, but if you ignore
> the Active Definition parts of the pages, the Definitional History
> sections are very good.  In this case,
>         http://www.taxonsearch.org/dev/taxon_edit.php?Action=View&tax_id=2
> shows that Olshevsky (2000:3) suggested a definition of (Megalosaurus
> + Iguanodon).

Ahem... In Padian and Currie (1998), the Padian chapter on DInosauria and
its definition cites a certain T. Holtz as suggesting (pers. comm.) the
use of Meg. & Ig. So its use in peer reviewed literature predates the
reference Sereno suggests.

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