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Aurorazhdarcho, new azhdarchoid pterosaur from Late Jurassic, Germany

From: Ben Creisler

I?ve decided to start posting to the DML again after a rather unhappy
misunderstanding connected with a mainstream media news link a few weeks
back. Here?s a new taxon I don?t think has been mentioned yet:

Eberhard Frey, Christian A. Meyer and Helmut Tischlinger (2011)
The oldest azhdarchoid pterosaur from the Late Jurassic Solnhofen Limestone
(Early Tithonian) of Southern Germany
Swiss Journal of Geosciences (advance online publication)
DOI: 10.1007/s00015-011-0073-1

Based on an almost complete three-dimensionally preserved skeleton, a new
genus and species of an azhdarchoid pterosaur Aurorazhdarcho primordius
n.gen. n.sp. from the Late Jurassic Solnhofen limestone (Early Tithonian)
of the Eichstätt area (Bavaria, Germany) is described. Furthermore, a new
family the Protazhdarchidae is proposed. The specimen is attributed to the
Azhdarchoidea based on its glenoid fossa level with the sternum, the
shovel-like shape of the sternal plate, the wide furca of the coracoid, the
metacarpus being longer than radius and ulna, the femur being 1/3 longer
than the humerus, the femorotibial ratio, and the hammer-shaped humerus
among other diagnostic features. Under UV-light, soft tissue preservation
around the external mould of the head is visible. It consists of tiny
flakes possibly remnants of skin. The dorsally curved outline of the
external mould of the head suggests the presence of a cranial crest. The
new species is the oldest record of the azhdarchoid pterosaurs. It supports
the Eurasian origin of this group that includes the largest flying animal

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