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Cetiosaurus from France (free pdf)

From: Ben Creisler

A new paper with a free pdf:

Eric BUFFETAUT, Bernard GIBOUT, Isabelle LAUNOIS & Claude DELACROIX (2011)
The sauropod dinosaur Cetiosaurus Owen in the Bathonian (Middle Jurassic)
of the Ardennes (NE France): insular, but not dwarf.
Carnets de Géologie (Notebooks on Geology)Letter 2011/06 (CG2011_L06)
doi: 10.4267/2042/43897

A chevron bone from a Lower Bathonian oolitic limestone in the Ardennes (NE
France) is referred to the sauropod dinosaur Cetiosaurus Owen, previously
known from the Middle Jurassic of England, on the basis of its rod-like
distal end. This is the first well attested occurrence of Cetiosaurus in
France. The presence of Cetiosaurus remains in the Bathonian of both
Oxfordshire and the Ardennes is explainable by the fact that these regions
were situated on the margin of the London-Brabant Massif land area, on
which sauropod populations apparently lived. Contrary to the condition
observed in other sauropods found in insular environments, there is no
evidence of dwarfism in Cetiosaurus from the London-Brabant Massif,
probably because this emergent area was connected to the much larger
Fenno-Scandian Shield.

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