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Re: Reptilian and synapsid stuff

 From: Ben Creisler bh480@scn.org

 Not dinosaur stuff, but maybe of interest to the DML:

(Came through the first time, BTW. Looks like your computer refused to reload the page or something.)

 We also build very large multiple alignments for Sauropsida and
 mammals (two million residues per species) and perform extensive
 phylogenetic analyses suggesting that turtles are not basal living
 reptiles but are rather associated with Archosaurians, hence,
 potentially answering a long-standing question in the phylogeny of

Well, either that, or the lepidosaurs -- or the toxicoferans anyway -- suffer from long-branch attraction.

 foramen intermandibularis oralis

intermandibulare orale. The -men words of Latin are all neuter.