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Re: Archaeopteryx London specimen made neotype by ICZN

From: Ben Creisler

More information from the Natural History Museum in London. This was posted
back on Oct. 3:



OPINION 2283 (Case 3390) Archaeopteryx lithographica von Meyer, 1861
(Aves): conservation of usage by designation of a neotype.
Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature  68 (3): 230-233 

The Commission has set aside all previous type fixations for the nominal
species Archaeopteryx lithographica von Meyer, 1861 and designated a
feathered specimen (BMNH 37001) in the Natural History Museum, London as
the neotype. The holotype (a feather impression) was not identifiable to
species and could belong to any taxon of fossil birds recognised from the
Solnhofen limestone.

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