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Triassic recovery from Permian extinction (free pdf)

From: Ben Creisler

A new advance online paper about the Early Triassic recovery from the
end-Permian disaster. The pdf can be downloaded for free.

Randall B. Irmis and Jessica H. Whiteside (2011) 
Delayed recovery of non-marine tetrapods after the end-Permian mass
extinction tracks global carbon cycle.
Proceedings of the Royal Society B (advance online publication)
doi: 10.1098/rspb.2011.1895 
free pdf:

During the end-Permian mass extinction, marine ecosystems suffered a major
drop in diversity, which was maintained throughout the Early Triassic until
delayed recovery during the Middle Triassic. This depressed diversity in
the Early Triassic correlates with multiple major perturbations to the
global carbon cycle, interpreted as either intrinsic ecosystem or external
palaeoenvironmental effects. In contrast, the terrestrial record of
extinction and recovery is less clear; the effects and magnitude of the
end-Permian extinction on non-marine vertebrates are particularly
controversial. We use specimen-level data from southern Africa and Russia
to investigate the palaeodiversity dynamics of non-marine tetrapods across
the Permo-Triassic boundary by analysing sample-standardized generic
richness, evenness and relative abundance. In addition, we investigate the
potential effects of sampling, geological and taxonomic biases on these
data. Our analyses demonstrate that non-marine tetrapods were severely
affected by the end-Permian mass extinction, and that these assemblages did
not begin to recover until the Middle Triassic. These data are congruent
with those from land plants and marine invertebrates. Furthermore, they are
consistent with the idea that unstable low-diversity post-extinction
ecosystems were subject to boom-bust cycles, reflected in multiple Early
Triassic perturbations of the carbon cycle. 

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