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RE: Archie a bird not a dino

  No, it is a pigeon, *Columba livia* [putresens, if you hear tell the general 
acclaim from us citigoers], commonly known as "rats with wings," even if that 
attribution is given to bats in more rural locales. It is a extant bird posed 
in the nature of *Archaeopteryx lithographica*. There are two instances of 

  1, in an attempt to decry the hoaxing of *Archaeopteryx lithographica*, a 
project by Fred Hoyle in 1986 asserted that taking an extant avian (a pigeon or 
dove, I forget and have not read his _masterpiece_ on the subject), and 
flattening it, then placing the remains on a prepared limestone slab which was 
then coated with a solution including "muddy" limestone which would cover the 
elements and also provide a matrix into which feathers would be impressed. He 
used this technique to "prove" the material was a hoax. It was disproven by the 
late Alan Charig by dendrites. 
http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/archaeopteryx/forgery.html has the fully 
details, and links that will lead to silly arguments "proving" the process was 
a hoax.

  2, there have been, I think two, attempts to replicate the taphonomic process 
that results in a Archie-like post (outspread wings, head thrown back, legs 
splayed but not ridiculously extended) using extant birds. I do not remember 
what the principles were, nor who performed them, although one of these was 
published (I think). Is that clear enough? Sorry.


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> What's the image at the top of that article of? An Archie specimen?
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