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New large theropod from Germany in media news stories

From: Ben Creisler

So far I have not found an English version of this story, but here are
links to German news stories about the discovery of a new, still-unnamed


(has best photo of claw)

Some important details:
Fossils were found in 2009 in marine sediments on a construction site near
Dortmund in the Ruhr region of Germany.
Dated to 90 million years ago (Early Cretaceous).
First known from a 5 cm (2 in) "sickle-like" claw (the first part found and
not immediately attributed to a dinosaur) (shown in photos) .
So far, the forearm, scapula, ribs, and the tarsal bones have been prepared.
Estimated to be about 10 m (33 ft) long.
Dr. Klaus-Peter Lanser quoted as expert on the find.
Fossils will be shown to public at a mineral show in November, and will be
displayed at the Museum für Naturkunde in Münster in 2014.

No word about the formal description yet.

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