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Hypothical language amongst the more brainier dinosaurs

If brainy dinosaurs such as Troodon evolved into a highly intelligent creature, isn't it possible that along with tool making, some form of written language could have developed?
If so, what kind of writing do you see having developed?
One idea I had would be a form of symbolic writing by means of scratch marks left on soil [temporary], plant material [longer lasting], rock [semi-permanent], utilizing the 3 claws on both hands. A combination of vertical and angles slashes, producing 1, 2, or 3 lines, either alone or mixed, representing an idea, warning, or notice.

|||   |\    \\ /   |    ///    etc.

I've seen some birds scratch-out marks in the soil with their feet [just one foot used] that didn't look like just random scratching or acquiring food. Some of the other birds would look at the marks made with some interest.

Or am I just losing it?

Just a thought.

John Schneiderman