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Re: Hypothical language amongst the more brainier dinosaurs

 Dinotopian dinosaurs used a simple replacement of Footprints
 [creating letters and punctuation] in place of the human English
 alphabet. The requirements to 'write' is complex 'dancing-like'
 moves. I would think that simple hand slashing or foot
 scratching/raking would produce enough simple symbols that could
 convey a lot of different words or ideas. I do not see the
 development of sentence syntax or words, but multiple symbols could
 produce compound words, or more complex ideas.

Are you trying to say that the "dancing" _is_ the language? Or are you hitting a pet peeve of mine by confusing a language (the thing that _has_ a syntax, words, and the like) with its writing system, as most people who talk about language do most of the time?