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Re: Hypothical language amongst the more brainier dinosaurs

A lot of bird displays are based on mimed actions. These includes
faints (pretending to have something to eat during ritualised combat)
and elaborate dances developed out of the motions required for other
activities (eg. landing).


On Sat, 29 Oct 2011 11:04:25 -0400
Robert Schenck <schenck.rob@gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm reading something right now that posits that before humans had a
> spoken language, they used mime-ing as their language, and that they
> did this primarily to assuage the stress of being the prey of the
> nasty creatures that inhabited the ancient world. So they'd jump and
> growl and maybe put twigs in their mouths to mimic fangs and red ochre
> to mimic blood, even something as simple as making a gorgon-facial
> expression.
> So wrt to this discussion:
> 1. Why would the big brained predatory dinos need to do this?
> 2. The above mime-ing seems a bit off to me, because it looks like
> you'd have things like syntax and grammar with it, so why not just
> move directly to spoken language in the first place (iow,
> mime-language should require similar cognition to spoken-language)
> Cool subject to think about, even if not just super speculative but
> super DUPER speculative!