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New Aeolosaurus (Titanosauria) species from Brazil

From: Ben Creisler

New in Zootaxa:

A new sauropod (Macronaria, Titanosauria) from the Adamantina Formation,
Bauru Group, Upper Cretaceous of Brazil and the phylogenetic relationships
of Aeolosaurini.
Zootaxa 3085: 1?33 (31 Oct. 2011) 

Preview pdf:

Remains of a new titanosaur, Aeolosaurus maximus sp. nov., from the
Adamantina Formation (Upper Cretaceous), Bauru Group, São Paulo State of
Brazil are described. The new species is represented by a single partially
articulated skeleton and is characterized by having a well-developed
posterior protuberance below the articular area on the anterior and middle
haemal arches and a lateral bulge on the distal portion of the articular
process of the mid-posterior haemal arches. It shares with other
Aeolosaurus species the presence of prezygapophyses curved downward on
anterior caudal vertebrae and haemal arches with double articular facets
set in a concave posterodorsal surface. These two characteristics are
interpreted here as synapomorphies for the genus Aeolosaurus. The new
diagnosis for the genus Aeolosaurus does not support the inclusion of
Gondwanatitan within Aeolosaurus as previously proposed by some authors.
The phylogenetic analysis recovered the two Aeolosaurus from Argentina as
sister groups with A. maximus and Gondwanatitan as progressively more basal
taxa (Gondwanatitan (A. maximus (A. rionegrinus, A. colhuehuapensis))).
Additionally, according to the results of the phylogenetic analysis
performed in this work, the taxa Panamericansaurus, Rinconsaurus, and
Maxakalisaurus are also nested within Aeolosaurini, being more basal than
Aeolosaurus and Gondwanatitan. On the basis of the stratigraphical range of
the Aeolosaurus occurrences in Argentina and the age proposals based on
microfossils for the Bauru Group, it is assumed a Campanian?Maastrichtian
age for the top of the Adamantina Formation for the Monte Alto region in
São Paulo State and the bottom of the Marília Formation in Peirópolis,
Minas Gerais State?the places where Aeolosaurus remains have been reported
in Brazil.

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