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Re: Crop for seed-eating found in Hongshanornis and Sapeornis

Two minutes of morning rage.

 "[...] nearly 100 Sapeornis chaoyangensis specimens and [...] more
 than two dozen Hongshanornis longicresta specimens"


Only 2 specimens of *S.* are published, or 4 if we're generous, and only 1 of *H.* is? And yet there are such mind-boggling numbers!?!

Surely everyone remembers how we celebrated the publication of the merely _tenth_ specimen of *Archaeopteryx*?

Yes, I know *Sinornithosaurus* and apparently *Microraptor* are in the same situation. I have personally seen maybe 10 unpublished specimens of those lying around on exhibit in museums in northeastern China. But I didn't know this was the normal state for the entire fauna.

Is anybody working on publishing papers like the Chiappe et al. (1999) confuciusornithid monograph on _any_ of these taxa?