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RE: Crop for seed-eating found in Hongshanornis and Sapeornis

The first photo (as it seems the others might be) look like crops from the 
paper, with white borders and portions of the adjacent images as part of a 
figure remaining. A poor crop for the site. In the first image, on the lower 
left, there appears to be a digital artifact where someone copy-pasted a 
section of the slab over the grayish region, indicating a region of the slab 
was obscured for the figure. The image is also taken at an angle where the 
ditsal (cranial) region of the skeleton is further from the light than the 
lower (pedal) region. Is it too much to ask to get decent specimen photography 
and no digital shortcuts in speciment presentation? If its the specimen number 
on the slab that's being digitally edited out, why remove it?


  Jaime A. Headden
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> Subject: Re: Crop for seed-eating found in Hongshanornis and Sapeornis
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> The article has still not been posted even though the
> PNAS was updated this morning. This link has a bit more
> info with photos.
> http://english.cas.cn/Ne/CASE/201109/t20110906_74729.shtml