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RE: Dinosaur Revolution: Anatomical Nitpicking

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>       I noticed that some of the theropods in the show seem 
> to be missing the pterygoid posterior muscle as well as the 
> depressor mandibulae. Others have noticed this as well. I was 
> just wondering if it was deliberate (artistic license) or 
> just something that slipped through the cracks.

I'll let Krentz answer that one.

> BTW I thought the 2nd episode was pretty good. It felt like 
> an animated/life action version of 'Age of The Reptiles', 
> which was a comic series I very much enjoyed when I was a kid.

The comparison is 100% on: Richard Delgado was on the show from the beginning, 
and "Age of Reptiles" was very much an inspiration
for it. (And indeed, the original intention of the show [no narration, no 
humans, just a few captions] and original name ["Reign of
the Dinosaurs"] would have made it even closer.)

By the way, got the word from the producer this morning: out of respect for the 
10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, the
Discovery Channel is going to not show episodes 3 (a mixture of many short 
stories) and episode 4 (the Hell Creek community up
through the first few weeks/months of the Paleogene) until a later date. I will 
let the list know what that date is when it is

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