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Re: Dinosaur Revolution: Anatomical Nitpicking

Oh all, right, Thom has dragged me into this fray.  I've been trying to lay low 
so people can talked honestly without worrying about my lil'ol feelings.

  Some early models I did were a little slight on the pterygoid and depressor 
mandibulae.  It's there, its just not beefed up to alligator proportions 
because it was modeled in an open position.  I was hoping to get some blend 
shapes in the jaw, in other words, when it closes the muscle bulges noticeably. 
 I guess I was just spoiled by the muscle systems that are used in feature 
films.  When I saw that was not going to happen, and Scott Hartman called me 
out on it too, I made sure it was adjusted to my preference in other models.  
Same goes for the d. mandibulae, but with that one I think it gets lost in neck 
folds.  For the Allosaurus the jaw was so distorted and pulled forward that it 
lessened the bulge even more.  His nasal was broken too.  We added a slight 
side to side motion on the jaw ( with a barely audible click) and chalked it up 
to his messed up anatomy.  

  If I had any other crits of my own works I'd say that I wish I had created 
fleshier nostrils and put a cfm on the Glacialosaurus.  I really don't know how 
that happened!  Please don't hurt me Heinrich ;-)  A missing tail fluke on the 
Tylosaurus was a case of the info coming out JUST after the model was 
delivered.  There are some other things I could name but I'm sure others will 
pick them out for me.  Just be mindful of the huge amount of modeling that was 
achieved.  Just ask poor Scott how many late night crits he had to dole out.

  And, speaking of Genndy Tartikovsky...I WAS working on a realistic dinosaur 
movie with him, with no narration a few years back.  I lived across the hall 
from Genndy at Cal Arts for a few years so he knew my dinosaur obsession.  I 
was the Production Designer and a Storyboard artist on that show for 6-7 
months.  It was really cool, although the execs got scared about big scary 
dinosaurs so...well,  you know where I'm going here.  Even though we had a 
killer animatic of the whole story and were in talks with Tippet the show was 
scrapped.  I think I made Genndy read Raptor Red...I don't remember. 


On Sep 9, 2011, at 1:08 PM, Augusto Haro wrote:

> 2011/9/9 David Orr <chasmosaurs@gmail.com>:
>> You mean like this?
>> http://chasmosaurs.blogspot.com/2011/08/design-exercise-raptor-red-teaser.html
>> ;)
> Yes, but I am not sure about the drawing style you propose.
> To me, it would be beautiful with a Gregory Paul-like drawing style
> and a Disney movie-like animation.
> Disney tycoons should pay to Gregory Paul for permission to use his
> style, to Bakker for the story, and voilà!!