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Re: Dinosaur Revolution: Anatomical Nitpicking

  Yes, the tail club was expanded for the story.  I approved the side view of 
the model but didn't give the top view enough thought.  Angie Rodriques, who 
modeled it gave me a second glance as if to say "are you sure about this"? 
I was hoping camera lenses would make it smaller.  The story was originally 
going to be with Spinophorosaurus which has a larger mace but we couldn't model 
a predator for that formation without incurring extra cost.  We had a Sinraptor 
for another story ( which was eventually shelved) so we recast our 
small-sauropod-with-a-thing-on-his-tail to the contemporary Shunosaurus.  
Shunosaurus also sounded more like Shroomosaurus.

On Sep 9, 2011, at 7:53 PM, Brad McFeeters wrote:

> Is it just me, or did they make the tail club on *Shunosaurus* much bigger 
> than it really was?  Part of the story depended on the club being that width, 
> so it really jumped out at me.