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Re: Eufalconimorphae and homoplasy in mol-phyl

Alexander Suh <asuh@uni-muenster.de> wrote:

> again, I have a few comments - sorry about that. :-)

I, for one, enjoy your comments. :o)

> Looking at the retroposons (in an alignment created from the sequences of
> Hackett et al. 2008), there are the following in beta-fibrinogen intron 7:
> - a shared insertion of a CR1-H-related retroposon in the sampled
> representatives of Columbiformes

Just a question, is that the traditional Columbiformes (Columbidae +
Pteroclidae) or Hackett et al.'s "Columbiformes sensu lato"
(Pteroclidae + (Mesitornithidae + Columbidae))? I am asking because
the position of mesites is one of the few cases where Hackett et al.
(2008) did not support the results of Ericson et al. (whose analysis
recovered a sister group relationship between mesites and
_Mirandornithes_). Perhaps retroposons could help...

David Černý