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Siamodon nimngami, a new ornithopod from Thailand

Dear DMLers,
as far as I know, this paper hasn't been mentioned yet:

Buffetaut, E. & Suteethorn, V. In press. A new iguanodontian dinosaur
from the Khok Kruat Formation (Early Cretaceous, Aptian) of
northeastern Thailand. Annales de Paléontologie.

A new taxon of ornithopod dinosaur is described as Siamodon nimngami
nov. gen, nov. sep., on the basis of a well-preserved maxilla from the
Khok Kruat Formation (Aptian) of northeastern Thailand. An isolated
tooth and a braincase are referred to this taxon, and the status of
other ornithopod specimens from Thailand and Laos is discussed. S.
nimngami nov. gen, nov. sep. is considered as an advanced
iguanodontian, apparently close to Probactrosaurus, from which it
differs by various characters of the maxilla. Siamodon is an addition
to the already long list of advanced iguanodontian taxa from the late
Early Cretaceous of Asia. The diversity and abundance of these forms
may suggest that advanced iguanodontians first appeared in Asia,
before spreading to other parts of the world.

(No, I'm afraid I haven't access to this paper.)

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