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RE: Dinosaur Revolution Review

two replies in one.

> Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2011 07:29:22 -0400
> Subject: Re: Dinosaur Revolution Review
> Excuse my ignorance, but when was the evidence of parental care in hadrosaurs 
> (which I thought was based on evidence that the young remained in the nest 
> for some time?) refuted?

No idea...maybe people realized it was anthromorphic to assume nonhumans care 
for their young?

& from another reply:

> Good post, Mickey. I also disliked the anthropomorphic behaviour of
> the dinosaurs. Pieces of humour as the allosaur bitting off the small
> coelurosaur's head as Carney did with Parry also seem improbable, for
> better would be for the allosaur to eat the entire coelurosaur, or
> carry the body to its nest.

if the point was to make it stop making those noises, you don't have to eat it 
(particularly if the allosaur wasn't hungry)