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Internship: Proyecto Dinosaurios

Greetings Dino Listers:

Justin Hall and I just found out about the following opportunity at the Los 
Angeles Counter Natural History Museum.  The deadline is this Friday, so you 
would need to act quickly, but it may be of interest to some on the list.  We 
have also posted a copy of the announcement on our paleobiomechanics blog, H2VP 


The Dinosaur Institute at the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum is 
currently seeking applicants for Proyecto Dinosaurios, a 1-year paid internship 
designed to encourage under-represented students to pursue careers in the 
geosciences. In order to apply, students must 1) currently be enrolled in a 
2-yr community or junior college, 2) be a minority, preferably hispanic, 3) be 
eligible to work in the US (citizen or permanent resident), and 4) be 
interested in the sciences.

It's short notice, but if you know of any potential applicants please pass the 
information on to them. The application is due Sept 16, so passing this along 
soon would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to contact me with any questions 
or interest and I'll pass it on. 



--Mike Habib and Justin Hall

Michael Habib
Assistant Professor of Biology
Chatham University
Woodland Road, Pittsburgh PA  15232
Buhl Hall, Room 226A
(443) 280-0181