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RE: Dinosaur Revolution Review

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> How the dinosaur mummified skin and skin impression are 
> distributed on the phylogenetic tree?

Really, really good skin impressions (mummies) in
* Ornithopoda (lambeosaurine and saurolophine hadrosaurs)
* Ceratopsia (ceratopsids, Psittacosaurus)

Patches of skin known in Thyreophora. Fuzz in the heterodontosaurus Tianyulong.

Patches of skin in some sauropods.

Unpublished (save for close ups) of skin impressions in the abelisaurid 

Skin impressions for the allosauroid Concavenator.

Some patches of skin known for tyrannosaurids. Fuzz known in primitive 
coelurosaurs Dilong, Juravenator, various compsoganthids.

Fuzz, straps, and/or pennaceous feathers known in therizinosaurs, 
alvarezsaurids, oviraptorosaurs, dromaeosaurids, troodontids,
archaeopterygids, scansoriopterygids, and non-avian avialians. (And, of course, 
in birds).

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