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Re: Dinosaur Revolution Review

 Huh? David, tell us more about this!

 Starting with what did they breed. Lizards with feathers, fish with
 feathers, or birds with scales? Or mice with scales and feathers?


As you can see from the double row of >, I only quoted that stuff, I didn't write it myself. But, anyway, it's about the several pigeon and chicken breeds with fully feathered feet. I myself also wanted to mention that ptarmigans and many (all?) other tetraonid galliforms have feathered feet in the wildtype; thanks for reminding me.

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>> For example (parting ways now) I consider the ease with which
>> breeders have grown feathers sticking out from scales in a few
>> short decades (centuries?) to show it's really not challenging to
>> produce an intermixed dermal type with feathers (or fuzz) and
>> scales.