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Re: Dinosaur Revolution Review

Am 16.09.2011 12:30, schrieb Jaime Headden:

 David, if it is important to address to anyone a message, then it is
 important to make sure, in a public forum, others know _whom_ you are
 addressing, especially with several conversations in the same

But I am _not_ addressing anyone in particular. This is _not_ a private conversation. If it were, I wouldn't post it to the list, would I!

We're sitting in a circle, like in grade school, and everyone talks to everyone; the medium makes it possible that only one of us speaks at a time so that everyone can listen to everyone.

 It reduces confusion, and that can only increase the _quality_ of
 your communication, save you only take the time to write "David
 Marjanovic wrote" by hand, if necessary.

As far as I can see, this only makes sense when it allows readers to trace the original post -- a specific post, not merely its author. That's why I said the Central European timestamp in my automatic header doesn't help (though at least the minutes should be accurate).

 Perhaps I misunderstand how your mailing service works, but as I send
 this in plain text using a web-based response, I deliberately turn
 off headers but include the full email below, which I may then choose
 to edit out in response, or leave in full and reply to above, as I do

The original post is included by default. I then delete the parts I don't reply to. I can't do anything about the headers, other than deleting them manually.