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Re: Dinosaur Revolution Review

Anthony Docimo <keenir@hotmail.com> wrote:

>  I don't know... you say it yourself: they're different kinds of feathers, so 
> it would be like comparing walrus whiskers to llama fur.  ;)

No, because it demonstrates that maniraptorans used their filamentous
integument (feathers and their homologs) for display purposes, long
before they took to the air.  The importance of this integument for
ornamentation does not require that the same kinds of feathers (or
proto-feathers) were used in different taxa.  Analogously, Mesozoic
theropods used a whole range of cranial osteological structures for
ornamentation, composed of various elements or combinations of

> Aside from perhaps _Incisasaurus_, what maniraptors used their teeth as 
> display structures?

I think you've profoundly misunderstood David's point here.