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Re: Dinosaur Revolution Review

Am 17.09.2011 19:39, schrieb Sim Koning:

 Wow, where do you live? Because where I live close to half (including
 family members) would tell me that I'm going straight to hell for
 promoting evolution and the other half would be incredulous when it
 comes to science in general. The latter half would be highly
 dismissive about *any* claims made about an animal that has been dead
 for a 155 million years. So, I'm not really worried about them
 swallowing every little detail of this show as fact. What I am
 worried about is them not being the least bit interested in evolution
 and natural history in general. I am not worried about the rather
 small demographic of teenage dinosaur fans that watch it, as they
 will likely be on some 'Jurassic Park' forum the next day picking
 apart every little mistake. So, in short, I envy you for living
 wherever you are...

That "wherever" could be almost anywhere outside the US where most people have a TV, or large parts of the US, especially the big cities; for those places, the worry that people will swallow every little detail is entirely realistic. Most people over here believe *Dilophosaurus* -- whether they remember its name or not! -- had a *Chlamydosaurus* frill and spat venom. "The one with the frill and the venom! What's its name?" <facepalm>

 This show was meant to be a form of lighthearted xenofiction, not a
 David Attenborough ducumentary. For that you have 'Planet
 Dinosaur'... well sort of. I mean it's almost like complaining that
 'Bambi' was a horrible movie because its portrayal of North American
 wildlife wasn't accurate , and so it's misinforming people all over
 about white tailed dear.

Incidentally, the original -- the book -- is sent in central Europe, and Bambi is a roe (*Capreolus capreolus*).