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Re: Dinosaur Revolution Review

Am 17.09.2011 21:47, schrieb Augusto Haro:

 [Ano]ther thing: I would like for dinosaur documentarists to make
 more use of parsimony, namely the Extant Phylogenetic Bracket, in
 restoring behaviour. Some of the observed behaviours in the series
 more resemble those of humans or mammals instead of these in nearer
 relatives as birds, crocodiles (or just in case, turtles). For
 example, the "Labrosaurus" specimen playing with the skull of the
 small coelurosaur as a dog would. Some mammal-like young play is
 present in parrots, but not in crocodiles, turtles, and, as far as I
 know, more basal modern bird clades.

There is evidence for playing in crocodiles. Check out this http://scienceblogs.com/tetrapodzoology/2009/06/alligators_vs_melons.php and the link in it.

 signaling the direction to look to other clan members with their
 second finger

Not even chimpanzees do _that_.