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Acid Oceans Contributed to Permian – Triassic Extinctions

Recent research indicates that acid oceans likely contributed 
to Earth’s worst mass extinction. 
Go look at: 
Ancient Acidic Ocean a Killer by Emily Sohn, Discovery News, 
Acid oceans helped fuel mass extinction by Alexandra Witze, 
Science News, Sept 5, 2011, 
The paper is: 
Montenegro, A., P. Spence, K. J. Meissner, M. Eby, M. J. Melchin, and 
S. T. Johnston, 2011, Climate simulations of the Permian-Triassic 
boundary: Ocean acidification and the extinction event, 
Paleoceanography, 26, PA3207, doi:10.1029/2010PA002058. 
Abstract at http://www.agu.org/pubs/crossref/2011/2010PA002058.shtml 
Dr. Peter Ward has published a book that discusses decades of 
published research, which he has conducted into the Permian- 
Triassic mass extinctions. It is: 
Ward, P. D., 2008, Under a Green Sky. Harper-Collins Books. 
242 pp. ISBN 978-0-06-163163-4 
It is an excellent, entertaining, and thoughtful book about the
Permian-Triassic mass extinctions that is well written for the 
general public. 

Recent and related articles are: 
Earth science: Lethal volcanism by Paul B. Wignall, Nature. 
vol. 477, no. 7364, pp.  285–286. 
Large Igneous Provinces and Mass Extinctions by David 
Bressan, Scientific  American, Sept. 16, 2011, 
Best wishes, 
Paul Heinrich