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Re: Rconstructing DNA (was Re: Dino-fuzz found in amber?)

Roberto Takata <rmtakata@gmail.com> wrote:

> Actually not. It is *eukaryotic* sequences. They share the same
> nuclear genetic code and it is that characteristic that I've used. Or
> more proximally, they are coelurosaurs (which share the same nuclear
> genetic code too). It is not strictly interpolation too.

Again, the point of this exercise completely eludes me.  All you're
doing is putting together a DNA consensus sequence for this part of
the alpha-2 collagen gene, based solely on a couple of bird sequences.
 Even if you manage get the homologous sequences from more birds or
crocodilians, it still won't tell you what the _T. rex_ DNA sequence
actually was.  You'll just get a consensus sequence drawn from a
higher tally of constituent DNA sequences (birds and crocodilians).
Yes, the DNA sequence for _T. rex_ will probably conform to the
consensus sequence - but so what?