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The fate of Nyctosaurus specimen KJ2

Hi folks,

I recall reading a discussion a while back about the unknown
whereabouts of the fancy antlered Nyctosaurus specimens described by
Chris Bennet in 2003. I'd heard they were up for sale online and, lo,
one of them has recently been reposted at everyone's favourite online


Note that the skull has been reconstructed and, apparently, the matrix
smoothed over with plaster. With no casts of the original available in
any museums (that I know of, anyway), this is something of a loss to
pterosaur science. I'm wondering what state the original material is
actually in now and, should this specimen ever make its way into a
public collection, how long it would take to undo all the


DISCLAIMER: This post is not intended to drum up business, nor endorse,
the private sale of important fossil specimens, it's merely to inform
interested parties where a well-known pterosaur specimen has ended up. I
have absolutely no affiliation at all with the auctioneer and, as may be
expected, would much rather see KJ2 be put into a public collection
where it can be freely studied than mounted over someone's mantlepiece.


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