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Re: Making Lip of It

> 2011/9/23 Jaime Headden <qi_leong@hotmail.com>:

>> It should behave much like in lizards _at least_, where the band of tissues 
>> along the lip's margin pull at the entire margin from any one point,
> I do not know too much about lizard lip function, but if the band
> along the lip margin pulls in the sense of their lenght, I would
> rather see the margin shortening (as much as possible) instead of
> raising. This would make lip borders to get closer to the teeth, at
> least near the tips of the jaws. Shortening the lip margin would raise
> the lips if the lip margin contact teeth which direct laterally on the
> sides (so that the circunference of the mouth is lesser near to the
> base of the teeth), but would lower lips if teeth direct medially, or
> if front teeth direct caudally instead of rostrally.

Now I think I better get how the lip margin band can raise the lip by
longitudinal contraction. As the lip margin may be less distally
located in some points of the lip than in others (given the convex
line formed by the alveolar margin or the line which connects the tips
of the teeth), shortening of the lip border would tend to raise the
more distally prominent parts if a theropod had a more ventrally
directed lip.