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Re: Density of intraclade sampling (was: More evidence for Eufalconimorphae and Psittacopasserae)

evelyn sobielski <koreke77@yahoo.de> wrote:

> L&Z could easily tell that their "raptor clade" was bogus

It is interesting that a slightly modified version of Livezey and
Zusi's "falconimorphans" (with Falconidae excluded, that is,
Accipitriformes + Strigiformes) cannot be conclusively refused by the
Hackett et al. data. Bootstrap support values for the
Coliidae/Strigiformes clade and for the split between accipitriforms
and remaining landbirds were low (less than 70%) in Hackett et al.'s
ML analysis and their MP analysis did not find these groupings at all.

> I am still very unsure about seriemas.

Their position seems to be quite stable in recent molecular studies:
both sequence analyses (Ericson et al. 2006 -- 4 loci; Hackett et al.
2008 -- 19 loci; Wang et al. 2011 -- 30 loci) and the retroposon
analysis of Suh et al. (2011) found them in the same place: inside
Passerimorphae* and usually in a sister-group relationship with
Eufalconimorphae. Is there any alternative position with similarly
strong support?

*Boyd's name for the (seriemas + (falcons + (parrots + passerines)))
clade from his Taxonomy in Flux checklist.

David Černý