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Re: Density of intraclade sampling (was: More evidence for Eufalconimorphae and Psittacopasserae)


David Černý schrieb am 2011-09-26:

> [The seriemas'] position seems to be quite stable in recent molecular
> studies:
> both sequence analyses (Ericson et al. 2006 -- 4 loci; Hackett et al.
> 2008 -- 19 loci; Wang et al. 2011 -- 30 loci) and the retroposon
> analysis of Suh et al. (2011) found them in the same place: inside
> Passerimorphae* and usually in a sister-group relationship with
> Eufalconimorphae. Is there any alternative position with similarly
> strong support?
Ericson et al. 2006 found some support (their Supplementary Figures 7 [full
dataset but using Galloanserae as outgroup, not Palaeognathae] and 8
[parsimony jack-knifing analysis]) that seriemas could be sister to Falconidae
within "Passerimorphae"/"Falconimorphae" (however you might want to call it,
if it gets formally named, I'd prefer the latter, guess why). ;-) But seven
independent retroposon insertions strongly refute that, as they place
Falconidae within Eufalconimorphae, to the exclusion of seriemas.

Best regards,