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Re: Terra Nova: thoughts

I'm afraid I agree. The recent history of science fiction programs on TV suggests that the show will be discontinued long before the central questions of the plot are ever answered.

If these programs ever get off of the human soap opera and keep the plot moving, people might keep watching them. Of course it would also help if the networks trouble to run the shows on a regular basis, instead of a couple of weeks here and a couple of weeks there.


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SPECULATIONS (you are warned): There are mysterious writing (equations) left on
rocks that the colony leader has forbidden people to
see. Given these, and some other comments, I suspect that the secret mission of
the colony is actually to set up a reverse time rift
to ship back natural resources to their home timeline. Or maybe not, we'll


Of course all of this is assuming the series can make it past one season, which is highly doubtful. Even if it was a better written show, the extremely high costs associated with it, coupled with the general longevity of science fiction on network TV (FOX especially) suggests that we'll be lucky if they finish one season.