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Re: Terra Nova: thoughts

Some of my own comments (aside from plot line/warm fuzzies).

Would have liked to see more of that dystopian Chicago/earth stuff.

Would a Brachiosaurus, or any sauropod, have a neck with the range of
motion to bend over a fence and down the other side within 5 feet of the
Would they even notice a little girl with a branch compared to the tree
canopy?  (know: cute). 

Is a slashing tail practical, especially on a theropod? (They put Indy
Jones' whip to shame).

Once again, these theropod beasties are persistent in their savagery. 

And what is it about their ancient hides that make them so impervious? 
How many rounds does it take to put down - or even wound - these guys,
and often from a range of two feet??  

Want more fauna!!  So far it only seems people wander around through
the jungle and meet up with big critters occasionally  - that want to
shred humans.
What about small dinosaurs, insects, arthropods, avian critters,
aquatic creatures, mammals?

Is there a work detail specifically assigned to the problem of
pterosaur doo-doo in an open settlement? :-)



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>>> "Thomas R. Holtz, Jr." <tholtz@umd.edu> 9/27/2011 10:00 AM >>> 
First, a news article:

Synopsis (superbrief): Colonists from a dystopian mid-22nd Century
populated entirely by early 21st century suburban Americans
facing environmental catastrophes flee via a rift in time to the early
Santonian (85 Ma), where they have to deal with dinosaurs,
intra-colony rivalries, and Steven Speilberg.