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RE: Terra Nova: thoughts

> From: owner-DINOSAUR@usc.edu [mailto:owner-DINOSAUR@usc.edu] 
> On Behalf Of James Whitcraft
> Some of my own comments (aside from plot line/warm fuzzies).
> Would have liked to see more of that dystopian Chicago/earth stuff.
> Would a Brachiosaurus, or any sauropod, have a neck with the 
> range of motion to bend over a fence and down the other side 
> within 5 feet of the ground?

I'd be happy to let the SV-POW folks battle the Dinomorph folks over that 
one... :-)

> Would they even notice a little girl with a branch compared 
> to the tree canopy?  (know: cute). 

Good to see them lift up the girl before she let go.

> And what is it about their ancient hides that make them so 
> impervious? 
> How many rounds does it take to put down - or even wound - 
> these guys, and often from a range of two feet??  

As my wife said "Shouldn't they be shredded now?"

> Want more fauna!!  So far it only seems people wander around 
> through the jungle and meet up with big critters occasionally 
>  - that want to shred humans.

Fauna = $$$$$

> What about small dinosaurs, insects, arthropods, avian 
> critters, aquatic creatures, mammals?

Supposedly we will see more. But, as noted before, fauna = $$$$$, so every 
mammal that shows up means one less dinosaur they can
animate that episode.

> Is there a work detail specifically assigned to the problem 
> of pterosaur doo-doo in an open settlement? :-)


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